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Сообщение  Acidboom в Вт Окт 28, 2008 9:10 pm

Sex Workers and Friends, Fans and Supporters of Prop K,

Well, it's almost time to win! We are so excited. Below is all the national press which has been leaning in our favor.

Please join us for this meaningful and educational evening before the election. Sex workers from your community join the many supporters of Prop K.

"Sex Work, Rights and Safety: Historic Town Hall Meeting and Speak Out on Prop K," Thursday, October 30, 7pm -9pm, First Unitarian Universalist Church, 1187 Franklin Street, San Francisco

Info: 415-626-4114,,

For the last century, year after year, sex workers in SF have been hounded, arrested and jailed, evicted, raped and even murdered, their children taken away. Those of us who have least - often women of color - have received the brunt of this persecution. Why has our city famed for being open minded allowed this injustice to continue? Now we can make a change and win greater protection, well-being and safety for all. Join a cross section of communities who want to make this happen!

Speakers include: sex workers and sex worker organizations, criminal attorneys Nedra Ruiz, Stephanie Adraktas, Stuart Hanlon and David Bigeleisen, Conference of Delegates of California Bar Association, Tamara Ching, Cecilia Chung, Dr. Jeffrey D. Klausner, SF Green Party, neighborhood and church representatives, candidates for the Board of Supervisors 2008 and other civic leaders, LGBT community representatives, labor representatives, and others.

* Prop K was put on the ballot by more than 12,000 San Franciscans to ensure that basic human and civil rights are extended to sex workers. It follows the recommendations of the path breaking SF Task Force on Prostitution.

* Prop K calls on the police to prioritize sex workers' safety by vigorously enforcing coercion, extortion, battery, rape and other violent crimes.

* Prop K will end the criminalization of sex workers, many of whom are mothers trying to support their families in increasingly hard times. Criminalization traps sex workers in prostitution, increases vulnerability to violence and sets sex workers apart from the rest of the community.

* Prop K is an anti-racist initiative. Women of color are disproportionately arrested under the prostitution laws and make up the majority of women in prison.

* Prop K will not stop the prosecution of traffickers but will protect immigrant women from being targeted for arrest. According to the Public Defender, not one trafficker has been prosecuted in SF under the California Trafficking Victims Protection Act (2006). However, many sex workers of color have been rounded up and deported.


Also remember how much we need volunteers for the final stretch. We really need you and we are having lots of fun, so please visit, email us at and join us for tabling and the final week visibility efforts.

This link is always good!

Prop K and the Media:

The polls have been good. CNN said there was a poll that said 73% support us, as you can see from this broadcast.

We also have some other great news:

An AP Story that has been everywhere:

San Francisco weighs decriminalizing prostitution

Barbara Walters even argued for decrim:
(We have a transcript but you have to click the image and forward 3 minutes into it to watch it)

A Binder poll from SWOP's Measure Q campaign in 2004 in San Francisco asks directly about decrim and does have us at 54%.

We have great literature that you can see here: and we actually send our volunteers out every day to pound the pavement and deliver it to San Francisco, so contact us and sign up to help.

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